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David Cajthaml is suppused to be the producer of the activities of DekadentFabrik and its members in Israel from the Czech side.


David Cajthaml

Makotřasy 27

273 54

Czech Republic

tel:+420  608 53 66 02




DekadentFabrik is a music band and also a group of people, which are very active in art.

Music of DekadentFabrik is based on combination of eletronics and live instruments. Performances are improvised, but the improvisation is around repetitive samples. If it is possible, concerts are with film (digital) projection. The style can be called Nu-Jazz, eletronic jazz.

People in DekadentFabrik:

David Cajthaml – guitar, sampler, prepares the music loops and compositions for band

Otto M. Urban - sampler

Mikoláš Chadima - saxes

Ivan Bierhanzl – el. doublebass, bass guitar

Activities beside the music band:

David Cajthaml – painter, graphic artist, writer, musician

Otto M. Urban –  art historian, curator of important exhibitions

Mikoláš Chadima – writer ( essays, books about contemporary Czech history)

Ibvan Bierhanzl – collector of films and videos of Czech undergroun movement ( Plastic People of the universe, DG 307, Václav Havel)

DekadentFabrik has regulary concerts in Czech Republic. They played also in Italy, Russia, there will be concerts in Slovakia in 2012.

More and more are the activities of DekadentFabrik connected with the visual art activities as playing  in the galleries. Sometimes is concert of DekadentFabrik in the place, where the exhibition of David Cajthaml is or the concerts connected with the exhibitions Otto M. Urban is currateing. Also other galleries are inviteing DekadentFabrik for concerts in their spaces.

For example:

2010 – Exhibition of David Cajthaml in Galerie U Betlémské kaple, evening with the artist commetary to the exhibition and concert of DekadentFabrik

2010 – concert of DekadentFabrik as a related event for the exhibition Decadence NOW! in Rudolfinu (the house of Czech Filharmonic Orchestra).  More about he exhibition:


2011 – “Moscow project” DekadentFabrik was accompaniing projection of rare documentary films from the 1968 Soviet army invasion to Czech Republic. Festival was called „Splendid Isolation”.  (60 minutes program), we performed with local Russian saxophonist Sergey Letov.

2012 May – Lana Italy, May 17th opening of the exhibition “Forest Drawings-David Cajthaml” May 18th concert of DekadentFabrik in the same center “ Werkbank Lana” - http://werkbanklana.wordpress.com/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blog

2012 November – Zvolen, Slovakia. Concert of DekadentFabrik, next day lecture of Otto M. Urban (Czech art history, details soon)



It is possible to make a concert of DekadentFabrik,  it is possible to make second part of the concert with guests-Israeli musicians playing with us, or to make two concerts one just DekadentFabrik members, second one with guests.

Exhibition of works of David Cajthaml, lecture of Otto M. Urban (art history in Czech Republic), screening of documentary films ( underground culture before 1989 in Czech Republic) Ivan Bierhanzl, with discussion ( Czech music culture before 1989) Mikoláš Chadima, Ivan Bierhanzl.  We can also do the “Moscow project”  Music accompaniing rare documentary films of Soviet Army invasion to Czech Republic (1968). we did it in Moscow. The music for this film we can do with Israeli musicians ( drums, blown instruments, 2-3 musicians). Reading from the books of David Cajthaml.


Exhibition - works of David Cajthaml , we offer exhibition of his works on paper - drawings and prints, which are more easy to transport.

Reading from the books of David Cajthaml. This readings are done regulary in Czech Republic. Short texts are combined with music, program is for 60 minutes. Usualy some actor reads most of the text, some parts are read by author. Music by duo Mikoláš Chadima (sax) and David Cajthaml (guitar) with projection of the drawings from the book Sea Girl.  The book was nominated for the competition Most Nicest Book of the year 2010 , it was between 10 books in the final of the competition.

Book- http://www.arborvitae.eu/en/publishers/books-catalogue/arbor-vitae/david cajthaml-sea-girl/

David Cajthaml - Sea Girl

Text and drawings by David Cajthaml

Editor: Epilog - Arnošt Golflam

David Cajthaml (1959) is a painter, scenographer, graphic designer, musician (punk band Energie G, DekadentFabrik) and author. He says about himself: “Looking at my shadow I see myself as a man. One part of my soul is drawn to suicide and the other to the creative. Both are possible solutions, but man must not perfect either of them; perfecting suicide excludes survival, and in creativity an error is of a greater value than perfection. My feelings drive me to make nothing perfect, leaving thus an option for everything to end in its own way. During my life I have taken an educational diversion via the sex, drugs and rock and roll route, which has left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, influencing my expressive style and the thoughts being born on my muddied tongue.” The book Sea Girl combines absurd and dreamy idioms with expressive drawings, producing a clear result.



Otto M. Urban – lecture – the topic can be discussed later here are some facts about him. The lecture can be about some of the subjects mentionet in the lower text, or it can be something, that is specially interesting for you. He can make presentation of his books, too. List of the books is in the attachement.

Otto M. Urban, Ph.D.

(born on February 9th, 1967)

Since 2012 head of the Art history departement in the Academy of Arts in Prague ( in Czech Akademie výtvarných umění ) most important art school in Czech Republic.

Otto M. Urban studied the history of arts and aesthetics at the Chair of Art History of the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague where he later worked as an assistant at the Chair of Art History and then as research worker of the Institute of Art History with the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. Since 1993, he has been lecturing on the history of modern Czech art in the CIEE courses (1993–1999), The School of the Art Institute in Chicago (2003 – 2008), New York University, Prague (1999 – now). In the years 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005 he lectured on the history of modern Czech art at the University of Texas in Austin and, and in 2007 at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has been intensively studying Central European symbolism and, mainly, the issue of decadence. He was the author or co-author of many exhibitions and published professional papers on decadence and symbolism in scientific magazines in the Czech Republic and other countries. In 2002, he was the author and editor of the monograph titled Creative and Critical Work of Karel Hlaváček. In 2006, he prepared a large-scale exhibition and a book on decadence in Bohemian regions titled In Sickly Colours. The Idea of Decadence and Arts in Bohemia Regions 1880 – 1914. This exhibition also became an official part of the presentation of the Czech culture during the Czech chairmanship of the European Union.

The book “In Sickly Colours: The Idea of Decadence and Arts in Bohemia Regions 1880 – 1914” was nominated for the Magnesia Litera 2007 award in the category of educational literature. For this book and for the monograph titled Edvard Munch: To Be Alone. Paintings – Diaries – Echoes, the author was nominated for the F. X. Šalda prize for 2007 and 2008.

Ivan Bierhanzl –  film projection - discusion

owns large archive of documentaries of Czech art history that is called underground. The movement was connected with Václav Havel. The important movement called “ Charter 77 “ was based on the imprisonment of the musicians Plastic People of the Universe and DG 307. Ivan Bierhanzl was active member and organizer of this music bands and eventes in the times before Velvet revolution in 1989.

Very interesting films.

Ivan Bierhanzl prepared tribute  to Vaclav Havel on March 30th 2012. Love is Here to Stay - Evening for Vaclav Havel. Special guests: Edward Einhorn, Ivan Kral, Wendy Luers, Martin Palous, Lou Reed, Ed Sanders and The Fugs, Suzanne Vega. Free admission

Karel Ruzicka Jr. - saxophone
David Soldier - electric violin
Anthony Coleman – keyboard, 
Ivan Bierhanzl – bass, Jonathan Kane - drums

Archive footage from dissent prepared by: Ivan Acher ( with Ivan Bierhanzl)

The Fugs — Ed Sanders, Steve Taylor, Coby Batty and Scott Petito will perform

 Emceed by: Zuzana Stivinova, Venue: 321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
United States, Date: Mar 30, 2012 8:00 PM, Organizer: Czech Center.

This is just one of the productions of Ivan Bierhanzl, he produced more venues like this aroud the word. Ivan Bierhanzl is also member and producer of AGON ORCHESTRA List of concerts of Agon Orchestra - http://www.petrkofron.com/agon.html  , they did modern music By Phill Glass, John Cage, Frank Zappa, Czech contemporary music etc…


Mikoláš Chadimadiscussion (may be the same program as Ivan Bierhanzl), both signed Charter 77 and both were active musicians in the years before Velvet revolution in 1989. He can talk about the situation in culture in the years after Soviet Army invasion to Czech Republic (1968). This can be in the same evening as the screening of rare documentaries of the invasion as we did it in Moscow. The music for this film we can do with Israeli musicians ( drums, blown instruments, 2-3 musicians).

Mikoláš Chadima: http://mchband.cz/index_english.html

Born 9 September 1952 Cheb, composer, saxophonist, guitarist and singer

Is a famous Czech saxophonist and composer, here we shall write more about his activities beside the performing art.


Activist for Jazzova sekce (Jazzova sekce = "Jazz Section" a well known cultural organisation)

Signatory of Charter 77 in 1979. 

Vybor na ochranu Fr.Starka ("Committee for the Protection of Frantisek Starek")

Founder member of Svaz autoru a interpretu (SAI - "Union of Authors and Performers"), since 1989. 

Member of Unijazz since 1992. 

Member of the Board of Administration for Nadace cesky hudebni fond ("Czech Music Fund Foundation") 2000-2005. 

Regular member of OSA (The Performing and Mechanical Rights Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and INTERGRAM since 1990.


1969 Criminal prosecution for "Disorderly Conduct" - Insulting the head of state and the head of a friendly state" (Protests on the first anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia) 

1979 Criminal prosecution for "Disorderly Conduct". (For using the "vulgar" word "shit" on stage) .

1979 Signatory of Charter 77 
1990 Beginning of career as a professional musician.

2003 Birth of daughter. 


1981 "Band of the Year" for Extempore. "All Stars Band" survey by the magazine "Jazz-bulletin soudobe hudby" ("Jazz-Bulletin of Contemporary Music"). 

1991 "Album of the Year", a prize from the Nadace Cesky hudebni fond for the album "MCH BAND - Es reut mich f..." 

1998 "Zluta motorka" - a "Golden Motorbike" award for the most artistically successful title of the year. A prize from the music publisher Black Point for the album "Chadima&Fajt-Pruhledni lide." 

2003 Nomination for the album "MCH Band - 20.let live" ("MCH band - 20 Years Live") for an Andel prize in the alternative music category (Andel prize = Czech "Grammy") . 

Etc… more on http://mchband.cz/index_english.html


David Cajthaml

Born January 11th 1959 in Prague.

He is painter, graphic artist, musician and writer. He says, there is only one poetry and several forms of it, it is no problem for him to work in different media. His works are collected by private collectors and state instizutions. The largest collection of his work is in The Museum of Czech Literature (PNP)    http://www.pamatniknarodnihopisemnictvi.cz/en/pnp-mission.php  PNP owns 400 graphic works by David Cajthaml, also collects his correspondence (letters) and books . National Gallery Prague is buying almost 30 works by author in these days, National Gallery- http://www.ngprague.cz/en/1069/0/0/sekce/homepage/ ,  Moravian Gallery in Brno has the posters by David Cajthaml that he did for DekadentFabrik, in their collections. Moravian Gallery in Brno - http://www.moravska-galerie.cz/?lang=en , Ministry of  Foreign Affairs has paintings of David Cajthaml in their collections. David Cajthaml was guitarist and composer of the first punk music band in Czech Republic (1979-1981) this band had to stop their activities because of the intervention of “communistic” secret police. Name of the band “Energie G” . First concert of Energie G is suppused to be the start of punk music movement in Czechoslovakia. Energie G was mentioned in New Musical Express magazine (London) in 1981.

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