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DekadentFabrik: David Cajthaml - guit, sampler, programming,   Martin Čech - flute, Ivan Bierhanzl - el. double bass, bassguit , Václav Pastora - synthesizers, sampler, Ondřej Tuček - videoprojection ( London )




11. August, (A)void Floating Gallery, Prague


foto Zdeněk Zrůst

August 6th Lomeček u Mrákova


Video (January 2015)

from CD Mental Morphosis




from the slime of egg
you are born
(it felt on the floor of that hotel)
demons in the hair
shout in the wind
ruffle the words
squeeze the speech
talk to me
talk to me
talk to me


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Mental Morphosis

cover - hand printed original linocut by David Cajthaml


Foto Next Wave Festival 2013 (klik)
 by Wanda Toxo


Recording from Rybanaruby Club

February 1st 2013

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Fotos from March 18th concert in Louny (click)



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Song BUDDY record LIVE at Trafačka (Prague) June 2012, Animation David Cajthaml. Sound in Trafačka - Václav Pastora. Recipe for dough by Kath Akomba.

foto Kath Akomba



CLICK FULL VERSION 14 min_Trafacka OrgasJAM

Trafacka OrgasJAM - DekadentFabrik - www.dekadentfabrik.info, Mikolas Chadima - saxes, Ivan Bierhanzl - bass, Dj Satan (O.M.Urban) - sampler, David Cajthaml - giut, sampler. GUESTS: Radim Výchopen - flaute, Michal Cimala - vinyl dj, Tommy - trumpet. SOUND in Trafacka: Vaclav Pastora, Recorded LIVE 


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  La Fabrika, April 20th 2012 fotos (click)

Img_2607  foto Káča Karel Klapková (klik) 

 foto Karel Šuster (klik)


Other concerts: February 23th OPAVA, February 24th RÝMAŘOV, February 25th ŠUMPERK - H-CLUB

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Visual Art - members of DekadentFabrik:

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video "Artaud" album FetishNow!


video La Décadanse - remix from "FetishNow!" album

Concert DekadentFabrik October 7th 2011, 9 pm in Moscow, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art - Кафе «МАРТ», Петровка, дом 25 строение 1, Moscow, Russia, 107031 , Special Guest Sergey Letov (click), Film accompanying concert is rare documentary from Soviet invasion to Prague August 21st 1968   


DekadentFabrik is a Czech alternative supergroup, featuring DJ Satan a.k.a. Otto M. Urban (samplers), David Cajthaml (guitar), Ivan Bierhanzl (bass) and Mikoláš Chadima (saxophones). Each of these figures has a spectacular career in their own right; together, they have created a link between the classic sound of 20th century Czech underground music and 21st century electronica. You can hear the results on their debut album Fetish Now!, out now. OTTO M. URBAN (DJ SATAN) ranks among the Czech Republic's foremost art historians. He specialised in the phenomenon of decadent art, both in the Czech Republic and worldwide, and has written extensively on the topic as well as curating major exhibitions both here and abroad. His most recent major project was curating the controversial Decadence Now!  exhibition of international art at Prague's Rudolfinum.

Otto: “It was my idea to bring together the older traditions from the underground music of the 70s and 80s which I always liked, with a new sound of electronica which is more adequate for my musical experience, and my musical history.....MORE TO READ (CLICK)

The website of Český rozhlas - Czech radio, Radio Wave with the text about DekadentFabrik (click)

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Story of Charles Richardson, mp3  from "FetishNow!" album

mp3 from FetishNow! album 

Mořská dívka                     Kleine Insel

Artaud                            Story of Charles Richardson

Ulrike M.                          Endecha

Fetish                              La Décadanse - remix

Orgasm                            Slow Vanitas Slow

Neviňátka ( Little Innocents)

Text: Martin Souček, music, video DekadentFabrik

La Decadanse 1 ( DekadentFabrik)

music: DekadentFabrik (March 13. 2011),  Video : Ondřej Tuček (2010-2011)





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